This project grew larger than we ever imagined! Here is a little about the birth of #BeingLOVEDIs.

One day, Corinna (the social media guru) comes to me (the relationship guru Jennine Estes) and says she had an idea to create a hash-tag project to help my company.  She called this her “splash media” idea to literally throw out a message and “splash” the social media world.  For those who do not use Twitter or Instagram, a hash-tag is a word or phrase with the number symbol # in front of it attached.  Anyone who uses the hash-tag, you can see the comments and community that use the hash-tag.

I thought her idea was great!  And my business mind began to run a thousand directions and thought of how we could get a hash-tag project that would really go viral. Our first goal was to just make some sort of impact and visibility online.  But then our minds went further. We thought it could really far if we get people to interact with us.  Since I am working day-in-and-day-out with relationships, I thought of the main goal I see everyone looking for: LOVE. Either to be loved, to give love, to share love, to heal love, or to be in-love.  It was simple!

I didn’t want to focus solely on couples, because this excludes the single folks.   All I knew is that love is our natural desire as a human being, so we came up with #BeingLOVEDIs.  It included everyone!

The best part about this project is that I focus my counseling on love daily.  I get to hear my clients share what it means to be loved, what they need to feel loved, what parts of their heart hurt when they don’t get love, and what happens if the love they have is lost.  I want to know the deeper side of what it really means for people to be loved.

San Diego Pride 2012 was right around the corner and we thought it was a great place to test out our idea.  That event is all about acceptance and love. We quickly created tattoos, chalk boards, cards, and t-shirts to spread the message and really find out what people really think being loved is all about.

To our surprise, this small hash-tag project became very well respected.  Everyone wanted to be part and share their thoughts.  And this is when it began to grow. We couldn’t stop with this event.  We couldn’t just sit back and watch Twitter and Instagram people.  I needed the face-to-face contact and making it personal.

And of course, it didn’t stop there.  We created a short little video as well.

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