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“#BeingLOVEDIs giving a hug each day.”

Let’s face it, everyone needs (and deserves) a hug. It can come from anyone; a friend, a lover, a stranger, a colleauge, or from family.  Better yet, to give and get one every day is just what the doctor ordered.  Touch is a critical part of our lives and being loved can come through the experience of hugging.

From our #BeingLOVEDIs journey, we came across many people that said so much about what love was WITHOUT it being romantic. Maybe a hug a day is just what everyone needs to feel complete and it doesn’t have to be romantic.

“#BeingLOVEDIs free for all.”  

We all deserve to be loved and give love. We shouldn’t have to pay for it, we shouldn’t have to beg for it, nor should we have to go without it.  Being loved we all should have, yet at times it may be difficult to fully accept.  Many times, I notice clients in my office struggle letting someone love them.

This is Sister Ida is one of the San Diego Sisters.

“#BeingLOVEDIs living ones life with passion, commitment, zest, love, compassion, vulnerability, and honesty towards oneself  and others.”

Each word has so much power.  I especially love the word vulnerability.

Vulnerability is being disarmed and expressing our true feelings in a relationship.  A key to creating a secure relationship!

Most of my couples counseling I am looking at how couples can either be or not be vulnerable in the relationship.  When people can’t be vulnerable to their family, friends, or lover, it shows that there is a block in the relationship safety.  I love that Eddie brought up the vulnerability.

Eddie is San Diego’s OUTside Travel Guru who travels the world and provides helpful tips on friendly LGBT destinations in the world.  Thank you to Eddie for giving great #BeingLOVEDIs description for us and providing LGBT tips on traveling.

Children are experts at knowing what #BeingLOVEDis all about.   When I ask them, they say it is “mommy and daddy” or “cuddles” or “having good parents.”  They understand that being loved is the nurturing acts that they experience from their family.  When their parents love them, provide food for them, hold them when they cry.

Kids are my weakness!  They make my heart melt.

Children need love and they also like to give love!  Above are a few of my favorite little ones.

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