During the holiday season, my two nieces decided to put together a #BeingLOVEDIs photo with the shape of a heart. They stepped away from the family fun simply to put this together.  The heart was made with photos of the #BeingLOVEDIs board.  It took them about 40 minutes on creating this photo.

Here are a few of their quotes here what they thought being loved was all about:

#BeingLOVEDIs having a wonderful family.

#BeingLOVEDIs sharing my room with my sister.

#BeingLOVEDIs having your family over for the holidays.

#BeingLOVEDIs living in this home.

#BeingLOVEDIs having a nice auntie.

#BeingLOVEDIs making new friends.

#BeingLOVEDIs making new memories.

#BeingLOVEDIs great.

#BeingLOVEDIs auntie’s girls.

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