“#BeingLOVEDIs living ones life with passion, commitment, zest, love, compassion, vulnerability, and honesty towards oneself  and others.”

Each word has so much power.  I especially love the word vulnerability.

Vulnerability is being disarmed and expressing our true feelings in a relationship.  A key to creating a secure relationship!

Most of my couples counseling I am looking at how couples can either be or not be vulnerable in the relationship.  When people can’t be vulnerable to their family, friends, or lover, it shows that there is a block in the relationship safety.  I love that Eddie brought up the vulnerability.

Eddie is San Diego’s OUTside Travel Guru who travels the world and provides helpful tips on friendly LGBT destinations in the world.  Thank you to Eddie for giving great #BeingLOVEDIs description for us and providing LGBT tips on traveling.

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