#BeingLOVEDIs finding, listening, and sharing answers 2012 and 2013.

We are listening to you!  Our goal is to find out what others think it means to be loved, listen to their response, and share it with others.  We are on a mission and we want you to be a part!

#BeingLOVEDIs about spending time with family during the holidays!  Christmas is a time to enjoy your family.  Traditions, christmas trees, and baby’s 1st Christmas all have the warm and fuzzy feelings of love!

Being loved is a gift! I’m always happy to see what kids think of love, because their answers are so pure and true — they never over think it!

Being loved can make you feel free and also make the world seem more beautiful. When you up open up to share strong connections with friends and family, the sun shines a little brighter :)

Being loved is like winning the world! I recently attended this beautiful Hindu wedding, where love was all around. Special occasions can truly remind us of how lucky we are to have family, friends, and love in our lives.

Being loved is also having a soft place to land, as the bride said! When we know we have love and support behind us, it gives us the confidence to take chances, because we know we have somewhere to turn if we fail.

Being loved is learning new things! Exploring the world with someone builds shared experiences, trust, and you’ll have unique memories together for the rest of your life!

When you explore new territory with someone, even getting pushed to emotional limits, the bond builds even stronger. The ability to travel together is a testament to any relationship.

What does Being LOVED mean to you?  

Being loved is an feeling, an experience.  It is something you can’t describe with one word.  I am on the search to find out what others think being loved means to them.  Does it mean getting coffee in the morning? Is it coming home to your puppy greeting you at the door?  Or is it your mom calling you on the phone?

The #BeingLOVEDIs project is to find out what being loved means to others.  What does being loved mean you you?  Tweet about love, post it on Facebook, or pin it.  We want to know what you think being loved is.

The project is created by San Diego Couples Counselor Jennine Estes, MFT#47653

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